Your Benefits

The Alexander Technique (AT) is a simple, practical method that may promote:

      • strength, balance and ease
      • improved posture and flexibility
      • increased energy
      • better sleep
      • more calm, peace, and well-being

Now is the perfect time to:

      • Explore FREE resources online.
      • Enjoy an AT book or article.
      • Experience an individual lesson.

‘The Alexander Technique is the most powerful tool for relaxation & proper economy of effort in our daily activities, that I have experienced. I look forward to reinforcing its simple yet desirable benefits.‘ 
– Thomas O’Rourke, (4/27/19)

‘Thank you for your generosity, patience, and knowledge in all things “Alexander.” I feel relaxed and natural already.’ 
– Jessica, (Designer, 4/27/19)

‘I was (am) surprised by the ease the technique offers in improving my posture.’

‘I really appreciated the one-on-one consultation and personalized take-home information. And the additional emailed materials. (Wow!)’

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